Many at times I feel like just letting go…

F12FF904-1000-41F8-A223-19136B76C69AI don’t know how many times does these thoughts go through my head. I feel, NO, I know it’s not right but somehow every fibre within me tells me I have no other option except this easy way out.

Ironically, my entire life I have not had the ‘easy way’ in everything I do. Neither can I say the opposite is true. I wouldn’t want to lie neither has it been the difficult stories to tell but if there is one thing for sure it’s, I haven’t had it my way or the way I would have wanted it to be but surely I try make do with what is thrown at me. Like they say, ‘If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ And likewise my entire life have been making lemonade (not that I say it was easy but I worked with what I had) and of course in most cases it’s the worst shit I deal with or maybe call it misfortune, right?

I got to question fate many at times, question the beliefs and existence of God himself, if HE exists or be the omnipresent being we claim he is, it’s been 20+ years he’s been seeing me struggling with issues of faith, my fate, his plan… surely you got to show yourself at times God so I know “you have plans for me”!

Well, I won’t drift. Back to me again. Surely I try to pretend in the best of my making to have life all figured out or at least know where I see myself going but in truth I am hopeless, directionless and I question each move I make; if I can make it through or not. OR just maybe it’s again ‘God’s tests’???… I just don’t know but all I know is, I am done with it, I am tired, I want to just let go!

I imagine each time how to take away my life (well now it seems it’s the only possible way to end this wretched journey I call my useless life). Since I had tried an overdose attempt before, the gruesome thought of just hanging my self in this little room seems an option or the quicker and swift alternative drink poison, or drive a blade in my wrists then just let loose and let the life  drain away. One day is one day!

I have tried… truly I have. But I don’t know what else this life wants of me. My beliefs in a deity who hears and always there to take me out of trouble or pains has forsaken me. I got to let go now…. just to let go.


So gone, The Legend!

Celebrating the life of the icon!

The Melodious Sweet and Soothing African Katekwe voice is gone!! The nation and world at large have been robbed… so gone he has left us overshadowed by a very dark cloud, very sombre atmosphere.

Your humility, talent, achievements and the great contribution to the entire universe, particularly the African soil will be forever be esteemed. Great Philanthropist who fought for human rights particularly the disadvantaged and the girl child through music. I cannot stop reminiscing the words of my new-found favourite track that leaves me in great awe and admiration of the lyrical content in ‘Haasati Aziva’ – A track in your last album that made the maiden video to the album you left us. That was you marking a goodbye to us? … We have been robbed!

Your melodious tunes gave hope to the bereaved, the elderly and the young, the orphaned and the depressed fitting across all levels of humanity.

It’s sad that you have left us, you have shared the same date of death with your late right-hand Afro-Jazz maestro Bro Hugh – another great Pan Africanist who fought a good battle. We have been robbed for sure!

Honaka JERI IWE,

Tine mubvunzo ndoda mutiudze SEIKO?

Samanyanga AKOROMOKA AWA kuteera iwe kunyikadzimu.


Tumirai mhere kuvakuru kuno kwaita MABASA.


Zvisenei, Samanyanga pako pese WASAKURA WAZUNZA, wapedza!

Your 67 Albums overtook the 66 years you lived. What a great achievement!!!

Truly you are a Legend! You were the advisor the counsellor to us as young people and in your words, we found guidance, purpose and redirection. Through your artistic ways, charisma, humility and passion for young people, you managed to rope us in into your genre of music that it trespassed through generational gaps with no bounds of age, race and even nationality.

Though as a millennial, I still found deep love in your old school music. And as if that was not enough, your music went beyond millennium, as you still belted the jams that captured and always drew us back to knowing our roots.

R.I.E.P – Poet, Author, Songwriter, Katekwe Guru, Chipangamazano, Pan Africanist honoured Dr O. Mutukudzi, Ambassador, Nzou Samanyanga, Great Vocalist, Guitarist par excellence.


“Tea Haisisina Sugar…” (Lost Love)


Out of randomness, my girlfriend asked me a rhetoric question on why men cheat, but in my absent mind I could not cook up any possible defence at all. She further hammered on it, now with a twist to it, she had to up her stacks now “I am still wondering if men are that bad, that even if you get the best wife you can ever find, even as good as your mother you still ain’t content? is it true” Then I realised yes I really need to up my game of words to keep face.

In a separate discussion, a stirring subject got me to ponder a lot about the idea of love, relationships, marriages for us as young people in this day and age.

“I was looking up some stats on the divorce rate in Zimbabwe. And in 2018 there was a 34 per cent increase in the number of divorce cases from 1 963. Also, more than half of these are said to be young couples

  1. What could be the cause of this?

  2. What are the possible solutions?”


Different perspectives were drawn from this, many pointing to the idea of two people growing out of love, lack of communication, stopping doing the little things that matters, stopping being spontaneous, the growing responsibilities and the family pressures on young couples that strains the young love, to mention but just a few… In my opinion, I felt the discussion strongly titled on the character, attitude and personality of people when they are married as leading to people falling out of love that makes people eventually divorce because of the lost of love… the spark… “kathat”…

I am no marriage counsellor nor an expert of love but I believe in the virtue of love, and itself that it manifests in people and brings butterflies and fairies (am not going to shy away from it, I am that one who believes in love LOL). And in that, I reckon that it’s the attitude that ‘we’, young people now have about the ‘perception of marriage’ has been the biggest enemy of our progress in our marriages.

Take a closer look now we have established marriage (by that, I mean the whole aspect from lobola kusvika wedding), as an achievement and we’ll judge and set scores that which was the best and which is least. Already instead of perceiving marriage as a sacred institution that has to mean something greater than ourselves, we have taken it as ‘social status of standard class system measurement’.

No wonder why we now focus on ‘slaying’, being on point on our once sacred lobola rites so we have the best shots to post on social media, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp statuses… you name them so that people say ‘haaa ava zvakarongeka’ ‘ndiko kunonzi kuroorwa ka uku’.

Likewise, we even see how people go at lengths now overdoing everything on weddings, we now have to change 4-5 times on our wedding day of only less than 6 hours…to mention but just a few…

Clearly, this now has been the makeup of our attitude towards ‘marriage’ and surely, we do not think further than that. We no longer have that strong vocation to the institution of marriage but we are all falling in marriages for the sake of it just that we have to maintain a certain social standard or succumbing to pressures that everyone has done it and I am going to do it – and show it off, mine has to be most elegant and should outshine the rest. Now we have lost it here! This is no competition!

As a result, sadly we realize that after 2-3 years in that ‘marriage’ reality strikes ‘kuti aewa munhu uyu handinyatsomude uyu’, I have been trying to do damage control, all you have been doing is hoping you will actually fall for the person or love the person more than you already feel. But that won’t happen, and you will see you have fallen into a marriage for the wrong reason. And from here onwards comes the issue that we see a lot of young couples falling prey to the issues of extramarital relations and more strains due to different issues that they won’t be able to fix leading ultimately to calling it quits.

So now getting back to her (my girlfriend) question, my opinion is no matter how good that partner is she/he but if your initial attitude to the idea of marriage is wrong then you are doomed to fail. I will not glorify my opinion, but this is how ‘us’ young people now perceive marriage and I can safely say its pathetic, we are being the master architects of our own failure in marriages due to our attitude to the institution of marriage. We succumbing to social pressures and driven by naïve hearts of wanting to be glamorous, falling into marriage for wrong reasons. We have totally lost it! I can try to draw comparisons with how marriages were viewed by our mothers and fathers but, I won’t! Clearly, we know how it went down and we always try to justify the foolishness of our actions.

We Still Keeping the Patience, Right?


It has been long since I have created content. Feels good to be writing again after a long sabbatical.


So basically, giving a recap, the coup happened. We marched in solidarity to ouster RGM, a milestone so we said. International media coverage of the news saw us being the faces of BBC, CNN, Aljezeera you name it. We took selfies with the ‘military baes’ marching next to the army tanks like a Hollywood movie coming true in our potholed Sunshine City. – It was a great experience, believe me, we made memories!

Ok that happened, RGM and Dr Amai were successfully off the power grip and we gave birth to the “new dispensation” spearheaded by our baes of the army… What a twist of events, right? LOL!

It’s super funny how time flies, all 10 provinces endorsed and “pfeeeeee” chant translated from just a rally adage, and pfeee vakapinda with a ‘resounding’ election result, though the new democracy allowed the contest of the result but pama V11 dololo and we know how that ended.

100 days came and went by and there we still wait for a better regime that brings back the so-called old days that many of us in our generation never got to have a taste of. ‘New Cabinet’ was installed and a sign of young blood and technocrats gave us hope, international trips and forums gave a light of hope and our new exciting phrase has caught on so easily – Zimbabwe is Open for Business. Nonetheless, here we are!

So now fuel we have sanctioned for it to take an over 90% price hike. We still keeping patience, right?

2% per dollar tax on the majority is still in place making basic commodities price skyrocket. We still keeping patience, right?

There are no pharmaceuticals in the hospitals and let alone doctors have been on strike for almost to a month now and with the entire civil servants’ lot threatening to take it to the streets too and have successfully denied a meagre 10% increase of their peanuts salary still being paid in bond and everything now sold with USD on market. We still keeping patience, right?

Schools, on the other hand, trying to keep up with the changing economy have to keep up, tuition fees for a mission boarding school are averaging an amount of $1 500 per term and when the basic salary has not moved an inch still receiving less than $300 as an ordinary civil servant. We still keeping patience, right?

We still graduating and we have nowhere to use the degree on. We are taking it to the streets to hustle and grind, black-market forex has now a tag of $300 to escape jail time, let alone the exchange already acting as drinking your own poison as the black-market exchange has done nothing else than making prices escalate of basic food commodities. We still keeping patience, right?

I can list all that has been happening but already we know where am taking all this… am not saying or inciting anything… I sign out with a biblical insert…

“Zuva iroro parichasvika muchachema kwazvo nokuda kwamambo iyeye wamazvisarudzira, uye Jehovha haazokupindurai pazuva iroro.“ 1 Samuel 8:18


My Life, don’t spike it!


My day in routine of a once was a joy to walk and being out and about in the CBD is now an antagonising experience that I dread for. From the narrow paths that you have to walk squeezed dumbu nemusana in an constant fear of pick pocketing thieves; to the fear of being a victim of a hit and run of an over speeding kombi  being chased by the ‘traffic police’. You won’t believe it, but believe you me the so called ‘Need for Speed’  game console is coming to a reality in our deteriorated roads of Harare CBD.


Each day you walk in those street sidewalks of once used to be our pride Sunshine City, what’s all left is the Joina City, you pray and hope you get to your point B still safe and sound as it is more likely that you can get burnt by burning coal from the sidewalk stalls of your walking path from the guys selling grilled corn. Without mentioning being verbally insulted for stepping on the vendor’s goods that are spread all over the side walks that you cannot even walk properly. Walking in Harare CBD is hectic!


I can go on and on about how hate walking in the CBD but without mentioning the police with the spikes I haven’t started. Neither is it safe or legal, in my total opinion the Zimbabwean Police have taken it a little too far. Well I won’t spare the Municipal police too they are in this together.


A moment a week ago when I witnessed the police with spikes being battered by the Zimbabwean National Army’s Red Barrett, a part of me inside was overjoyed. Not that I like the violence, NO! But I felt like with all the commotion caused and unnecessary stampedes our police has caused they need to taste a little bit of their own medicine. Not from so long ago there have been unnecessary accidents which led to fatal injuries and even deaths of innocent citizens just walking along the streets of Harare and get ploughed by a kombi running away from the spikes. It is sad. You can imagine, one day walking along Robert Mugabe Street, and out of nowhere, bang! You hit! Just like that and boom you gone! Dead!  It is just not fair at all.


Spikes are a crime against Zimbabweans, they serve more of a danger to us than they are protecting us. We cannot go on like this and accepting our lives being endangered, that each day as it comes to us we are reminded that you can be a victim of road carnage that you have no control over. It starts with me, I am a concerned Zimbabwean I am my own army to fight this, I say NO TO Spikes! Be that #ArmyofOne!

By oupamunashe 





Been there… Done that… and am Over it! 😉


I remember a time in my life when I faced a gut-wrenching emotional and mental pain that left me envying the dead. Now you see, the scariest thing about death isn’t being dead, it’s dying, it’s the suffering. This one goes to those who have come close to death: physically, emotionally, mentally.


I know it hurts being in that space. Where you had all these hopes for your business, your relationships, your career, your academic life or your family; but one thing or the other comes crashing down and you lose.It’s embarrassing. You lose control. It’s not that you are out of your mind, you just can’t get out of your own mind. The constant voices within remind you of what you have lost and tell you over and over again that you have finally been reduced to nothing.


I want you to look at your problems. Fair and fine, you have problems, but those problems do not have you!! Claim the loss, embrace the pain. If you can own it, it seizes to have power over you. Carrie Fisher once said, “say your weak things in a strong voice”.


When I finally plucked up the courage to get out of my hole, I started afraid, but I am not afraid now. Fear? Fear seizes to exist if you deal with it. A lot of people will scold you for feeling what you feel in that moment. They will tell you that your pain is nothing new under the sun. If you listen to people and allow them to project their fears or opinions onto you, you will not live. Never give another human the responsibility of your happiness.


Maya Angelou once said:

“Did you want to see me broken, bowed head and lowered eyes, shoulders falling down like tear drops weakened by my soulful cries? Up from a past rooted in pain I RISE… Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I RISE… Into a daybreak that’s wonderfully clear I RISE. I RISE…I RISE…I RISE!


I may not know your story, but today, choose to find beauty in the life you have left, however long or short it may be. Redesign your life. Draw enough from the disappointments to triumph yourself. Live life ferociously…



The goal still remains the same: to inspire others





Lie #1: Sex is no big deal!

Wrong! Sex is a huge deal. It ties two people together forever (Genesis 2:24), even if they never speak to each other again. You can’t escape the memories of sharing the most intimate act of all. That’s why God wants us to save sex for the person we commit our lives to—the person we marry.

Lie #2: You can be a “technical” virgin!

In God’s eyes, staying a virgin means more than just not having sex (Matthew 5:27-28). It means keeping your mind, body, and spirit sexually pure. Messing around, touching each other in private places and doing “everything but” just don’t fit into that picture.

Lie #3: Sex = Love!

It’s true, at least for many, that sex equals an emotional tie of some sort—one that might seem like love. But here’s a news flash: many treat sex as more of a physical thing than an emotional one. Sex is meant to be the ultimate expression of the ultimate commitment, marriage. Love comes first, marriage second, sex third.

Lie #4: Having sex is just like any other sin!

God definitely forgives sexual sin the same way he forgives all sin. But the reason the Bible pays close attention to sexual sin is that sex affects people like no other sin does (1 Corinthians 6:18-20). Most sins involve mainly your actions, but premarital sex involves your heart, mind, and body as well. That kind of internal damage is very hard to get beyond.

Lie #5: Everybody’s doing it!

So not true. In every school, every town, every state there are plenty of cool, happy people who have chosen to follow God’s plan and save sex for marriage. And they’re also saving themselves all kinds of heartache. So not only are they cool; they’re very, very smart.

By oupamunashe



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Only Time is the factor,
Only Time is the healer,…
Only Time is the difference,
Only Time is the concern,
Only Time is the best,
Only Time will turn the sadness into Smiles,

Only Time invested in prayer will lead you to the destiny of hope in faith,
Only Time wasted in sitting and no action taken will lead you to worries and hopelessness,
In times, when Only Time spent in preparing, posting and submitting the Cvs, will lead you to the answer of the prayers made henceforth the JOB,
Only Time will wipe the tears of the unemployment worries,
Only YOUR Time and Chance shall come,
As such Only if you wait patiently, invest on the Time you shall enjoy the best yet to come..

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“…l want some more…”

IMG-20170522-WA0007At the time when l read Charles Dickens book ‘Oliver Twist’ it was for exam purpose. I recently stumbled upon this picture and it gave me a new perspective of this scene when Oliver, hands trembling, unsure of the response from the authority figure infront of him, said, “Please sir, l want some more…”

I would like to pose this question to you, “Are you challenging yourself enough to grow?” l had slipped into a state of being too comfortable with where I was. But in life, you can’t be who you want to be and who you used to be at the same time. Understand that your past success is in no way a franchise on your future.

We have to go through the necessary hardships now to avoid unnecessary hardships later on. Work out now to avoid having a broken down body 20 years down the line. Read more to avoid mental malnourishment. Move confidently in the direction of your dreams to avoid regret later. You will find that what you don’t know, you can always learn. As for what you already know, there is always room for improvement & deepening your understanding of the topic.

Refuse to remain average. The magic happens outside your comfort zone. Stay hungry and stay foolish always asking for more!!!

The goal still remains the same; to inspire others!


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It’s all about ATTITUDE!

I can do it
Man using scissors to remove the word can’t to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation

Sometimes life hits you with a couple of blows that leave you feeling like you are on the verge of a Knock Out… These past weeks have been hard. Every week seemingly worse than the last… Despite those challenges, l choose to wear a smile on my face.

Recently Les Brown said, “You can see what others can not see for your life and dream. Make it okay to stand alone or apart from the crowd. You are the architect of your life. Give yourself permission to express the real you, or another part of yourself. It does not matter if others do not get you. Stay focused on what you want, even if it does not seem possible right now. Your mind will try and convince you to be logical, realistic and practical… given your age, finances, or life situation. Let your heart be your guide and have the last word. You can not get out of life alive, so be bold. Go after what you want. Commit to live an adventurous, significant and purposeful life. You have greatness within you!!”….

Whatever you are going through, it’s okay not to be okay; but make a decision today to keep your head up, keep walking…with or without you, life goes on.

The goal still remains the same; to inspire others!


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