One Speaker once said “don’t focus on chasing a butterfly you will never catch, but focus on tending your garden and butterflies will come.” It is amazing how we sometimes look at great things that happened to others while ignoring how mighty we are.

Even if your life is hit by turbulence times it is still not the end of the game. Some people might relegate your energy oozing life to the peripheries of poverty, failure and misfortune, but as long as you can breathe, don’t throw in the towel. Why? Because all great people who achieved greatness only used less than ten percent of their potential. This goes to show that you have great capacity to achieve the unimaginable and be a perenial occupier of the life’s appex position.

Records can be set and can be broken again. In June 2014 a woman by the name Charlotte competed in her 15th Marathon race in America. By taking  this fate she broke few exciting life records: at 91 years old she was the oldest woman to compete in this marathon and the second oldest marathon runner in USA history. In that race she completed it in 7hours, 7 minutes and 42 seconds to break the US record for the fastest time in her old age group. Charlotte though she was a cancer survivor, has been running since 1999 and had her first marathon at 76. As you pursue your life great goals, let not age be anything. Actually you  can become better with age like wine. As you grow up, it only means you are accumulating more experience to achieve your goals using more refined strategies. Enjoy this is your day.

You may not know what you can accomplish if you decide to ignore a negative rough patch on your way. Get this mental tonic that nothing can stand in your way, not even sickness, age, disability or abject poverty. Dream big and bold, while you keep knocking, the life doors will soon hear your untiring courageous voice of authority.

Imagine if Charlote had let age horrifying effects tend to her, was she going to achieve anything? You have great potential to achieve more than your current success. Potential to own one of the biggest businesses. Potential to make you a log leader, not a log anchor, and that potential can transform terrible adversity into a success fate.

Take action and move on be like a boxer, who even if he is down trodden, can still rise and try one more time. Who knows, the taste of pudding is in eating.

The record you are afraid to break was set by someone just like you, who knew the difference between extra ordinary and ordinary is that simple extra effort. It must be remembered that all the champions’ are afraid of losing, while everyone else is afraid of winning. Be a champion and don’t be like anyone else. Go and tell yourself you can conquer your most feared goal and you will find that you will have covered half the journey.

In life the minute you are satisfied with where you are, that is when you won’t be anymore. Just move, for boats in the harbour will never experience the aid they get from moving sea waters. Leave your harbour, visualise your inspiring big audacious dreams and take action.

Credit :

Steve Nyambe

(Motivational Speaker and a Leadership Coach)

0773 432 280


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