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Only Time is the factor,
Only Time is the healer,…
Only Time is the difference,
Only Time is the concern,
Only Time is the best,
Only Time will turn the sadness into Smiles,

Only Time invested in prayer will lead you to the destiny of hope in faith,
Only Time wasted in sitting and no action taken will lead you to worries and hopelessness,
In times, when Only Time spent in preparing, posting and submitting the Cvs, will lead you to the answer of the prayers made henceforth the JOB,
Only Time will wipe the tears of the unemployment worries,
Only YOUR Time and Chance shall come,
As such Only if you wait patiently, invest on the Time you shall enjoy the best yet to come..

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“…l want some more…”

IMG-20170522-WA0007At the time when l read Charles Dickens book ‘Oliver Twist’ it was for exam purpose. I recently stumbled upon this picture and it gave me a new perspective of this scene when Oliver, hands trembling, unsure of the response from the authority figure infront of him, said, “Please sir, l want some more…”

I would like to pose this question to you, “Are you challenging yourself enough to grow?” l had slipped into a state of being too comfortable with where I was. But in life, you can’t be who you want to be and who you used to be at the same time. Understand that your past success is in no way a franchise on your future.

We have to go through the necessary hardships now to avoid unnecessary hardships later on. Work out now to avoid having a broken down body 20 years down the line. Read more to avoid mental malnourishment. Move confidently in the direction of your dreams to avoid regret later. You will find that what you don’t know, you can always learn. As for what you already know, there is always room for improvement & deepening your understanding of the topic.

Refuse to remain average. The magic happens outside your comfort zone. Stay hungry and stay foolish always asking for more!!!

The goal still remains the same; to inspire others!


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It’s all about ATTITUDE!

I can do it
Man using scissors to remove the word can’t to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation

Sometimes life hits you with a couple of blows that leave you feeling like you are on the verge of a Knock Out… These past weeks have been hard. Every week seemingly worse than the last… Despite those challenges, l choose to wear a smile on my face.

Recently Les Brown said, “You can see what others can not see for your life and dream. Make it okay to stand alone or apart from the crowd. You are the architect of your life. Give yourself permission to express the real you, or another part of yourself. It does not matter if others do not get you. Stay focused on what you want, even if it does not seem possible right now. Your mind will try and convince you to be logical, realistic and practical… given your age, finances, or life situation. Let your heart be your guide and have the last word. You can not get out of life alive, so be bold. Go after what you want. Commit to live an adventurous, significant and purposeful life. You have greatness within you!!”….

Whatever you are going through, it’s okay not to be okay; but make a decision today to keep your head up, keep walking…with or without you, life goes on.

The goal still remains the same; to inspire others!


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A Star 🌟 in the making!

“We should take control of our own narrative”, asserts Miss Thelma.

It is on this point I would like to point out that it is not only the beauty that she holds but also the brains, and certainly she will make it big in life! You go girl!

The emerging Theatre Director, Thelma Machinga says that,  for Africa as a continent and as a people to develop there’s need for us to take control of our own narrative and it starts with being able to tell our own stories through literature, music, film and of course, theatre.

“I am an Africana ‘womanist’ who strongly believes that for Africa to develop, our own people should be agents in their own narrative rather than being relegated to being mere subjects.

“They should be at the forefront, taking action in what needs to be done rather than waiting for an outsider”, said Miss Machinga.

The final year student at UZ [University of Zimbabwe] where she is majoring in a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree was speaking to the media in the aftermath of scooping the Most Promising Female Director award during her varsity’s recent Theatre Week.

She won the accolade for her debut directorial role in the play, “The Honourable MP”.

“I was not even expecting it, I thought that I was just going to be another ‘nominee’. It was a suprise to say the least, but at the end of it all I was really happy. It boosted my confidence and as a result I am going to continue working harder to attain my goals”, she said frantically.

As to the play itself, this is what Machinga had to say,

“The Honourable MP was written by G Msengezi and it addresses the socio-economic and political issues of post independence Zimbabwe. The masses have been betrayed by the political leaders and they are not getting what they were expecting when they voted. “Corruption, nepotism and neocolonialism is rampant, the blacks inherited the colonial master’s system and the people are now suffering at the hands of their own. “The ‘MP’ in our play is involved in illicit deals at the expense of the commom man, he and his counterparts are living luxuriously whilst the masses are languishing in poverty and thus, the eople are are now rebellling against the governmnt. They want a change…”, said the aspiring director.

But just who is this passionate young woman and where did her journey begin?

“I am quite shy, so theatre is my sanctuary and shell. I find that I have been able to fully-express myself through theatrical forms. I basically flourish and blossom more in theatrical spaces since it gives me more freedom of expression and I cant help but fall deep in love with theatre.

“My own journey in theatre began last year. Rather than just sitting at home during vacations i told myself that maybe I should start working on something.

“I auditioned in several films but for some reason I could never get a role. I eventually got employed by Chaminuka Arts Foundation, an organisation that focuses on empowering young people through theatre”, said Machinga.

Besides theatre, the young lady is also passionate about dance and is no pushover when it comes to Latin American dances such as salsa, cha cha cha, bachada, paso doble.

Thelma said that it was her hope that by the end of this year she would have been able to publish one of her plays, titled ‘Troubled soul’ among other things.

“As from July onwards I will be working with young people engaging them in Educational Theatre. Under Chaminuka Arts Foundation we will also be engaging in different programs. In years to come I should be advancing in my education, getting a Special honours, Masters, Doctrate”, she  said

Certainly, the promising young lady has a great potential to make it big and she has already started making a name on her own at such a stage.  Her applauded play ‘Honourable MP’ got her featured in one of the prominent newspapers in Zimbabwe, Newsday. Within a space of 2 days after her debut directorial play, she was honoured to direct another play for the varsity’s first year students majoring in Media and Performance, which she nailed to the point and the ZBC (Zimbabwe Brodicasting Corporation, Zimbabwe’s only broadcaster) was there to film the play and get a feel of her magic.