“…l want some more…”

IMG-20170522-WA0007At the time when l read Charles Dickens book ‘Oliver Twist’ it was for exam purpose. I recently stumbled upon this picture and it gave me a new perspective of this scene when Oliver, hands trembling, unsure of the response from the authority figure infront of him, said, “Please sir, l want some more…”

I would like to pose this question to you, “Are you challenging yourself enough to grow?” l had slipped into a state of being too comfortable with where I was. But in life, you can’t be who you want to be and who you used to be at the same time.¬†Understand that your past success is in no way a franchise on your future.

We have to go through the necessary hardships now to avoid unnecessary hardships later on. Work out now to avoid having a broken down body 20 years down the line. Read more to avoid mental malnourishment. Move confidently in the direction of your dreams to avoid regret later. You will find that what you don’t know, you can always learn. As for what you already know, there is always room for improvement & deepening your understanding of the topic.

Refuse to remain average. The magic happens outside your comfort zone. Stay hungry and stay foolish always asking for more!!!

The goal still remains the same; to inspire others!


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