My Life, don’t spike it!


My day in routine of a once was a joy to walk and being out and about in the CBD is now an antagonising experience that I dread for. From the narrow paths that you have to walk squeezed dumbu nemusana in an constant fear of pick pocketing thieves; to the fear of being a victim of a hit and run of an over speeding kombi  being chased by the ‘traffic police’. You won’t believe it, but believe you me the so called ‘Need for Speed’  game console is coming to a reality in our deteriorated roads of Harare CBD.


Each day you walk in those street sidewalks of once used to be our pride Sunshine City, what’s all left is the Joina City, you pray and hope you get to your point B still safe and sound as it is more likely that you can get burnt by burning coal from the sidewalk stalls of your walking path from the guys selling grilled corn. Without mentioning being verbally insulted for stepping on the vendor’s goods that are spread all over the side walks that you cannot even walk properly. Walking in Harare CBD is hectic!


I can go on and on about how hate walking in the CBD but without mentioning the police with the spikes I haven’t started. Neither is it safe or legal, in my total opinion the Zimbabwean Police have taken it a little too far. Well I won’t spare the Municipal police too they are in this together.


A moment a week ago when I witnessed the police with spikes being battered by the Zimbabwean National Army’s Red Barrett, a part of me inside was overjoyed. Not that I like the violence, NO! But I felt like with all the commotion caused and unnecessary stampedes our police has caused they need to taste a little bit of their own medicine. Not from so long ago there have been unnecessary accidents which led to fatal injuries and even deaths of innocent citizens just walking along the streets of Harare and get ploughed by a kombi running away from the spikes. It is sad. You can imagine, one day walking along Robert Mugabe Street, and out of nowhere, bang! You hit! Just like that and boom you gone! Dead!  It is just not fair at all.


Spikes are a crime against Zimbabweans, they serve more of a danger to us than they are protecting us. We cannot go on like this and accepting our lives being endangered, that each day as it comes to us we are reminded that you can be a victim of road carnage that you have no control over. It starts with me, I am a concerned Zimbabwean I am my own army to fight this, I say NO TO Spikes! Be that #ArmyofOne!

By oupamunashe 






Been there… Done that… and am Over it! 😉


I remember a time in my life when I faced a gut-wrenching emotional and mental pain that left me envying the dead. Now you see, the scariest thing about death isn’t being dead, it’s dying, it’s the suffering. This one goes to those who have come close to death: physically, emotionally, mentally.


I know it hurts being in that space. Where you had all these hopes for your business, your relationships, your career, your academic life or your family; but one thing or the other comes crashing down and you lose.It’s embarrassing. You lose control. It’s not that you are out of your mind, you just can’t get out of your own mind. The constant voices within remind you of what you have lost and tell you over and over again that you have finally been reduced to nothing.


I want you to look at your problems. Fair and fine, you have problems, but those problems do not have you!! Claim the loss, embrace the pain. If you can own it, it seizes to have power over you. Carrie Fisher once said, “say your weak things in a strong voice”.


When I finally plucked up the courage to get out of my hole, I started afraid, but I am not afraid now. Fear? Fear seizes to exist if you deal with it. A lot of people will scold you for feeling what you feel in that moment. They will tell you that your pain is nothing new under the sun. If you listen to people and allow them to project their fears or opinions onto you, you will not live. Never give another human the responsibility of your happiness.


Maya Angelou once said:

“Did you want to see me broken, bowed head and lowered eyes, shoulders falling down like tear drops weakened by my soulful cries? Up from a past rooted in pain I RISE… Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I RISE… Into a daybreak that’s wonderfully clear I RISE. I RISE…I RISE…I RISE!


I may not know your story, but today, choose to find beauty in the life you have left, however long or short it may be. Redesign your life. Draw enough from the disappointments to triumph yourself. Live life ferociously…



The goal still remains the same: to inspire others